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Sustainable Development

By investing in the future and undertaking charitable activities, EUROCEMENT group participates in creating new cultural values and traditions. The Holding Company performs large-scale creative work related to developing and supporting theater and music arts and raising awareness.

  • Support for the State Tretyakov Gallery

6 years of partnership between EUROCEMENT group Holding and the State Tretyakov Gallery have witnessed the implementation of a number of large exhibition projects, including the exhibition of Mark Chagall, the exhibition titled To Travel and to Draw. Drawings by the European Masters from Louvre and Musée d'Orsay. The 1580s to the 1900s, O DOLCE NAPOLI! Naples as Seen by the Italian and Russian painters of the 18th to the First Half of the 19thCentury. The Holding Company also supported a study on the activity of George Dawe, who created the famous Military Gallery of the Winter Palace and was a member of the Royal Academy of Arts. The study product is the monograph entitled The Genius of War, Gooth and Beaty, bringing together the painters works from fifty museums, the royal and private collections of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, the United States, New Zealand and Russia.

Presentation of the monograph about George Dawe, who created the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace  

  • Support for Theater Festival and the Golden Mask Award

This project is an illustrative example of effective and natural interaction between business and art. In 2012, the Holding Company became one of the business representative to be given the Golden Mask National Theater Award for its considerable contribution to Russian culture and vast creative activity related to the development and support of theater arts. 

  • The Great Russian Explorers

EUROCEMENT group under the Russian Geographical Societys sponsorship launched a new project geared at providing children's libraries all across the country with a new series of books on geography. This project promises to be the largest one over the past 15 years in terms of spreading knowledge to and through Russia's children's libraries.

Under this project the diaries and travel notes of 15 great Russian geographers and explorers including Miklouho-Maclay, Przhevalsky, Semenov-Tyan-Shansky, Bellingshausen, Bering, Wrangel, Goncharov, Krusenstern, Krasheninnikov, Yanchevetsky, Tsybikov, Golovnin, Nikitin, Obruchev and Makarov were published. 

By 2015 a total of more than 90,000 books will be published. These books will be passed along to all of Russia's children's libraries, cadet academies and special educational institutions within the next 3 years.

  • Support of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation

In 2014, EUROCEMENT group became a general partner of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation. EUROCEMENT group supports such projects of the Foundation as helping to develop young talent, organizing children's musical concerts and artistic exhibitions in Russia and abroad, the creation of a barrier-free environment in music schools, providing medical aid to children with complex disorders, and much more.

Over the 20 years of the Foundation's work, more than 20,000 children have received charitable aid, funds have been provided for the medical examination of more than 300 people, and assistance has been rendered for 111 surgical operations. Since its beginning, the Foundation has organized around 10,000 concerts in Russian and foreign cities, held 1,100 artistic exhibitions, and published 16 catalogs featuring the work of young artists. Currently, 2,500 children hold Foundation scholarships, and 800 of them are laureates of international contests and festivals.