Sustainable Development

On an annual basis, EUROCEMENT group supports a variety of socially significant cultural events, renders assistance to public and religious organizations as well as socially disadvantaged groups.

The Holding Company implements and participates in a whole range of social projects, namely:


  • Developing Social Infrastructure

Realizing its social responsibility, EUROCEMENT group works actively to renovate schools and hospitals in the regions where the Holding Company operates and conducts the "First Grader" campaign at sponsored schools.


  • Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle

By supporting the construction of centers for physical culture and health improvement, EUROCEMENT group contributes to promoting a healthy lifestyle among the youth and adults. The Holding Company entities also conduct the annual corporate Olympic Games.


  • Campaign “Flying the Flag of Kindness!”

Since 2007, the Holding Company has been a partner of the campaign which includes targeted financial aid to those children who need expensive types of treatment.


  • Cooperation with the Belgorod State Technological University Named  After V. G. Shukhov

The program for the training of young professionals and their subsequent recruitment by the Holding Company entities is implemented under the agreement for cooperation with the Belgorod State Technological University named after V. G. Shukhov.


  • Restoration and Construction of Churches in Various Regions 

EUROCEMENT group, concerned about the nation’s spiritual development, participates in restoring and building spiritual centers in the regions in which it is present. Since 2002, the Holding Company has rendered support to more than 100 facilities and centers for spiritual enlightenment.