Crushed Stone

The raw materials base for the cement production facilities of Eurocement Group holding are 20 open pits in which carbonate rocks are extracted, with the total proven reserves exceeding 2.8 billion tonnes. The annual output is 45 million tonnes. The fleet of mining transportation equipment includes 133 excavators, 125 bulldozers, 227 dump trucks with a high cargo-carrying capacity.

The production of non-metallic materials of Eurocement Group holding is concentrated on the base of two open pits in which granite pebbles are extracted, located in the Republic of Karelia and the Orenburg Region, with the aggregate capacity of 6 million tonnes per year. In addition, work is performed with respect to future construction of three new open pits in Karelia, the Chelyabinsk and Voronezh Regions on the base of large deposits with the aggregate rated capacity of up to 35 million tonnes per year.

Granite is extracted and processed by EUROCEMENT Group holding on the base of four deposits with the total reserves of about 1.8 billion tonnes, the annual performance of open pits is 30-40 million tonnes.