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CEO: Kudryavtsev Vasily Pavlovich
  Commissioning Year:   1969  
Capacity: 4.130 million tons per year
Cemzavodskaya ploshchadka, 1 proezd, southwest industrial area, Stary Oskol, Starooskolskiy area, Belgorod Region, Russia, 309504
  Phone: +7 (4725) 44-07-08
   Fax: +7 (4725) 44-04-12  
  Sales Department: 
+7 (4725) 41-90-37  


Conclusion of the ecological expertise of construction materials or decoration materials for compliance with EcoMaterial 1.2

Oskolcement JSC is the largest cement producer in Russia and one of top three cement producing facilities in country by production volume. 

Oskolcement is based on former Starooskol cement plant. The plant was built in two phases according to the project developed by Yuzhgiprocement institute (Kharkiv). Between 1969 and 1974, four lines were commissioned with 5x185 m kilns with combined annual capacity of 2.4 million tons of cement. Between 1974 and 1976, two additional lines were built with 5x185 and combined annual capacity of 1.3 million tons of cement.

Cement from Stary Oskol was used in construction of Baikonur Cosmodrome; Novovoronezh, Kursk and Kalinin Nuclear Power Plants, sports facilities built for Moscow 1980 Olympic Games, a number of defense facilities and many other construction projects.

Sufficient reserves of environmentally clean raw materials, fine-tuned production process, strict quality control and high capacity of manufacturing equipment allow producing high-quality and environmentally clean products. 

Since 2002 Oskolcement JSC has used quality management systems that conform to the international ISO 9001:2008 Standard. We are continually developing our quality management systems to address new customer requirements and have helped to create proper conditions to produce the highest-quality products. 

Basic principles:

Our quality now ‒ a guarantee for tomorrow.

Our quality is the responsibility of our management and our workers.

We get all our employees to take part in development and the improvement of our quality management systems. In 2007, thanks to the improvement of our QMS, logistics, human resource management, research and development, and marketing, the Oskolcement plant took part in the national programme All-Russian brand (III Millennium). XXI Century Quality and was awarded the Enterprise Quality passport that confirms the high quality of our cement. 

The express control of the chemical elements of cement materials (raw materials, sludge, clinker, cement) Cl ˉ, Cr +6 water soluble, R2O is by the use of spectrometers ARL 9900 and the contents of the main clinker by the use of diffractometer X 'TRA-102.

The plant uses laser analyzer Microsizer 201S to evaluate dispersion characteristics of cement (the co-efficient of uniformity and the characteristic size of particles).

The plant produces the following grades of cement:

• CEM I 52, 5 N Portland grade 52.5;

• CEM I 42, 5 N Portland grade 42.5;

• CEM I 32, 5 B Portland grade 32.5, rapid-hardening cement;

• CEM I 32, 5 R Portland grade 32.5, rapid-hardening cement;

• PC 500-D0-N ‒ Portland cement clinker 500.

The plant uses Haver & Boecker, and Boimer & Boimer lines to package cement in paper sacks and shrink film. The special equipment, Vselug, was installed to package cement in one tonne big bag soft containers.

Cement CEM I 42.5 comes in bags of 50 kg, in big bags of 1,000 kg and in bags of shrink film.

Today the Oskolcement plant has 11 Mercedes Benz cement trucks with a capacity of 23 tonnes.

Our awards:



CEM I 42,5N
CEM I 32,5B
CEM I 52,5N
CEM I 42,5N
PC 500-D0-N


CEM I 52,5 N
CEM I 42,5 N
CEM I 32,5 B



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