About us

The strategy of EUROCEMENT group is the strategy of effective LEADERSHIP.

The consolidation of enterprises, which operate in the industry and the implementation of a state-of-the-art management system allow EUROCEMENT group to be flexible and respond to changes in territorial demand, to ensure stable utilization of its own enterprises and to pursue an active investment policy.


Holding Company Development Strategy Until 2020

  • Raising of production capacity through building new state-of-the-art plants and upgrading the existing production lines
  • Enhancement of production energy efficiency thanks to implementing energy saving technologies and making a transition to alternative types of fuel 
  • Reduction of goods’ production cost due to the automation of production and the enhancement of labor productivity
  • Improvement of product quality due to the on-going development, testing and aprobation of new cement brands and the monitoring of our customers’ needs
  • Minimization of environmental impact due to the implementation of green technologies, advanced environmental solutions and the performance of a set of environmental protection activities 
  • The professional development of employees and the creation of high-tech jobs 
  • The development of local communities in the regions where we operate and broad constructive activities in the support of culture and education