About us


EUROCEMENT group is implementing a production modernization program, aimed at increasing competitiveness in the long term.

The modernization of each plant is carried out with no hindrance to production, allowing for the necessary work to be accomplished without affecting product output levels, and simultaneously optimizing costs.

Modernization includes a few basic stages:

  • the creation of up-to-date logistics complexes and the implementation of an automated product shipment system have helped eliminate under qualified labor, limit client spending, and speed up loading time for cement being transported;
  • the implementation of in-house generated electricity raises production efficiency, lowers the production cost of the final product, and makes the integrated use of heat generated by power units possible;
  • the implementation of digital and technological solutions designed to optimize production processes at Holding enterprises;  
  • the construction of new energy efficient dry production lines.

This set of measures will escalate the competitiveness of the EUROCEMENT group in the long run, give a new impetus to the development of the cement industry, reduce the environmental impact on regions where the Holding has a presence and provide the enterprise with sustainable development.