Company News

April 28, 2020

EUROCEMENT group is actively introducing digital tools into all business processes, from open pit extraction of resources to interaction with consumers. With active use of CRM systems and a single contact center, the company maintains a high level of service for its customers even in the context of the special operating mode in the country.

The Customer Relationship Management system increases the level of customer focus and allows to consolidate the efforts of various departments of EUROCEMENT group to successfully and quickly solve the customers' issues. The database and the log of interactions with counterparties are populated in real time and allow finding the most complete, efficient and timely solutions for each customer, making their interaction with the Holding more convenient, fast and efficient.

"In remote work conditions, all our employees work in CRM on a day-to-day basis, recording their business activity in the system. Each customer is important to us and we have centralized visibility of all the activities of the sales areas in the regions to monitor their work and ensure that not a single request from our customers is left without attention. Today, digital tools allow us to improve the quality of business communication with contractors, as well as to build production plans and logistics capacity of the company so as to respond to the needs of our customers in the most effective way", said Georgy Ashkalov, Commercial Director of EUROCEMENT group.

Digital systems of the Holding are part of a single information platform and are constantly evolving. Thus, the integration of CRM with EUROCEMENT group's unified contact center allows to increase the efficiency and convenience of interaction between the client and the company, minimize the time from an incoming call to the conclusion of the contract and delivery of products.

"We are expanding the CRM functionality, making it the most attractive tool for managers. A single point of integration with corporate and external IT systems. Having improved the quality and speed of the user's work in the system, we will be able to bring our interaction with consumers to a new level and become much more customer-centric. Eventually we will be able to work with global systems integration and develop algorithms that will allow us to make simple routine decisions without the human involvement. That is, our clients will receive a number of services as quickly as possible", said Elina Boychenko, Vice President for Digitalization and Transformation.