Company News

May 6, 2020

EUROCEMENT group Holding, Russia's leading producer of basic construction materials, is launching  an online store. The new B2B sales channel provides direct contact between customers and the company. It offers a convenient way to interact and receive relevant information with options for selecting products, packaging types and delivery methods, as well as order tracking and document management.

"EUROCEMENT group online store with personal customer accounts is our latest offer that provides convenient and fast interaction. You can now get information about new products, prices and features, types of packaging, delivery methods at any time, without any calls or emails. Our new tool allows customers to track the status of their orders and documents. In today's world, a personal customer account is designed to help our customers easily handle large volumes of information and effectively solve their business tasks", said Ilya Kosykh, Vice President for Sales, EUROCEMENT group.

At the same time, the online store does not eliminate face-to-face communication of customers with managers of the Holding, rather, it automates a number of technical issues, creating additional opportunities for a more detailed discussion of needs and options for solving customer problems.

"EUROCEMENT group is an industry leader and our innovative tools ultimately have a significant impact on the entire market, making it more operational, technological and comfortable for consumers. An online store, which the Holding launched in early May, is one of such tools. It is of utmost importance to us that this digital communication channel is effective enough to predict the needs of our customers and meet demand in a timely manner. We are looking to expand and improve the functionality of the online store, introduce new services, broaden the range of products in response to requests from different target audiences. EUROCEMENT group online store is gradually becoming a major trading platform for construction materials throughout the market", said Elina Boychenko, Vice President for Digitalization and Transformation.

EUROCEMENT group is focused on making the interaction with end users more flexible and convenient. We receive feedback and tailor the range of products, packaging, logistics and services to meet the needs of our customers. Online store has supplemented the company's existing sales and customer communication channels, and the new tool increases the availability of the whole range of the Holding's offers to consumers.