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EUROCEMENT group's Mordovian subsidiary has commissioned a system for packing dry cement in big bags directly from the production line. The system has a capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day, and investments in the project have exceeded RUB 16 million.

'The launch of the new packing system will allow us to produce over 420,000 tonnes of packed cement per year, while also expanding our product line. Mordovcement today offers clients high quality products in any format that they may find convenient: in bulk, in sacks or in big bags', noted the company's CEO, Sergey Marachkov.

Big bags are popular with customers because each can hold up to 1 tonne of cement, while preserving its useful properties and being easy to carry by any means of transport.

In recent years, the EUROCEMENT group has implemented a series of projects at Mordovcement to improve product quality and develop customer service. In 2019, an automated system was introduced for managing shipments of cement in trucks and by rail; prior to that, an automated line was put into operation for shipment of cement on trayless pallets. These and other projects aim to expedite customer relations and make them more convenient for customers.