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Akademichesky is a residential area being constructed inside Leninsky and Verkh-Isetsky Districts of Yekaterinburg. The project development was initiated in 2005 by Renova-StroyGroup in conjunction with the administration of Yekaterinburg. The first stone in the construction of the first residential unit was laid on October 12, 2007.


The project is unique not only in terms of scope (it is the largest project in Russia with 13 million square meters per 325 thousand of residents), but also from the standpoint of its urban planning concept, which offers people a new quality of life and is aimed at energy conservation and environmental protection. The available forests and river insert the urban planning project into a strong natural context: numerous channels cross the city canvas and the adjacent woods spread to the very city center owing to wide green spaces.


The turnkey project development allowed avoiding traditional constraints imposed by the outdated infrastructure and the existing layout. Akademichesky is characterized by cost effective engineering infrastructure. The district will feature a sealed heating system to prevent inefficient water resource consumption, when huge amounts of high-quality treated water are pumped, heated and distributed via pipes yet never stay in a closed system and are, in fact, ejected.

Moreover, the architects plan the construction of rapid transport means to connect the new area center to the existing lines. The designed cross sections of streets and roads within the area are adjusted for the width of carriageways, designed for the growth of motorization level beyond the base period (until 2025).