Our people

Training and Development

EUROCEMENT group places a particular emphasis on the professional development of its employees and gives vast opportunities for continuing education and career growth.

Every employee enjoys the opportunity to get further education or to undertake special courses. 

EUROCEMENT group Holding offers several ongoing professional growth programs:

  • Interregional program for the training of young professionals "Winged by Success"

The program covers 16 regions in which EUROCEMENT group operates. It is the annual platform for research and technical conferences on experience interchange and mentoring, as well as forums, workshops and seminars for young employees of the Holding Company entities. The program is implemented at the regional and interregional levels.

  • Professional Mastery Context «Euroleague» named after Yegor Cheliyev 

Traditionally, the competition has been held among EUROCEMENT group entities. The title of best in class is vigorously contested by the representatives of 5 professions: chemical analysts, turners, electrical/gas welders, the drivers of BelAZ heavy haulers and shovel runners. Assignments in each category consist of theoretical and practical components.

  • Global youth work program The GENERATION E

The GENERATION E program is aimed at different categories of young people – from students and university postgraduates to young professionals already working in the group.

The basic elements of the GENERATION E program are:

  • EUROstart – professional integration module. This module aims to initiate young professionals into their profession, introduce them to the manufacturing processes of our plants and adapt them to the EUROCEMENT group corporate culture. Its format is a yearly corporate forum for graduates of higher and medium/specialist educational institutions accepted for work in EUROCEMENT plants.
  • EUROmentor – professional integration module. This module attaches experienced workers to new workers at the group's plants. These experienced workers give them professional recommendations and help them to integrate into the group.
  • EUROtraining - professional training module. This module involves hosting training sessions, lectures and practical seminars for young professionals, in addition to organizing special training courses in the Corporate University. The lecturers in the Corporate University consist of both EUROCEMENT professionals and invited trainers and lecturers, and training continues all year round.

The Corporate University's classes are equipped with the most modern technological equipment, allowing for theoretical and practical tasks to be combined.

  • EUROscholarship - industry science stimulation module. In this module, scholarships are arranged for students and university postgraduates in the construction/cement sphere. To receive a scholarship, the applicant must demonstrate high academic progress, scientific and leadership potential, and the willingness to use them at the group's plants.
  • EUROthought - intra-corporate innovation stimulation module. In this module, a contest is held at which young professionals present their design works for various innovations and proposals to be introduced at EUROCEMENT plants and aimed at increasing production efficiency, reducing expenses, introducing new forms and operational methods, and using the latest technology. Its format is an intra-plant and corporate science conference. The best works are later introduced into the manufacturing process.