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General Director:
Gennady Kulikov 

Established in: 1961
Capacity: 2,180 million tonnes of cement per year
Promzona, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan, 110300
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AKHANGARANCEMENT JSC is the largest cement producer in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The products from the production facility occupy about one-third of the domestic market. Due to its quality, the cement is highly reputable among customers and widely used in the implementation of large housing and infrastructural projects related to capital construction. The plantТs convenient location allows the company to sell cement not only to all regions of the eastern part of Uzbekistan but also to the adjacent Kazakhstan through auto and rail transport. 


In Tashkent and the Tashkent Region: Uzexpotsentr JSC (2007), the academic building of Tashkent Islam University (2008), a hotel complex in the village of Durmen (2009), the Palace of Forums (2009), the Logistics Center (Angren, 2009), the media center of the National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan (2010), General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan, the plant producing power units (2011), Tashkent-Yuzhny airport passenger terminal (2011), the International Center for Symposia and the National Library (2011), Bunyodkor Sports Complex (2012), housing estates in the countryside (2009-2013), etc.
In other regions: Tashguzar-Boisun-Kumkurgan railway line (2007), Astana-Borovoye Highway (Kazakhstan, 2008), etc.


Strict quality control is exercised during each production phase from feedstock production to the shipment of products to final customers.
In 2010, the production facility passed the certification audit of its Quality Management System in the National System of Certification for compliance with the Oz DSt ISO 9001 standard and Quality Management System under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 international standard.
In 2013, the production facility obtained certificates for its Environmental Management System for compliance with the Oz DSt ISO14001 standard and the Professional Safety and Health Management System under the Oz DSt OHSAS 18001 standard. 


According to GOST 10178-85:

  • PC 400-D0-N Ц Portland cement of grade 400 without mineral admixtures;
  • PC 500-D0-N Ц Portland cement of grade 500 without mineral admixtures;
  • PC 400-D20 Ц Portland cement of grade 400 with active mineral admixtures accounting for more than 5% to 20%;
  • SPC 400 Ц slag Portland cement of grade 400 with active mineral admixtures accounting for 20% to 80%.

According to Ơz DSt 913-98:

  • PCA Ц Portland cement for production of asbestos-cement products.

According to GOST 22266-94::

  • SRPC 400-D20 Ц Sulphate resisting Portland cement of grade 400 with mineral admixtures accounting for more than 6% to not more than 20%;
  • PPC 400 Ц Portland Pozzolana cement of grade 400 with the content of admixtures ranging between more than 20% and not more than 40%. 

According to GOST 31108-2003:

  • CEM II/A-D 32.5N Ц Ordinary Portland cement with mineral admixtures accounting for more than 6% and not more than 20%, class 32.5;
  • CEM IV/A- 32.5N Ц Ordinary Pozzolana cement with mineral admixtures accounting for more than 21% and not more than 35%, class 32.5.

TYPES OF FIREBRICK According to GOST 390-96, GOST 869-73, Production Drawings:

  • ShUS-3, dimensions: 200x150x100x98, used in lining the furnace calcining zone
  • ShUS-4, dimensions: 200x150x65x75, used in lining the furnace calcining zone
  • ShUS-7, dimensions: 230x150x90x100 used in lining the furnace zone of heat-generating reactions
  • ShUS-9, dimensions: 300x150x65 used in lining the cooling unit and sill


The cements of all types are shipped in bulk. 
Cements such as PC 400-D20, SPC 400 slag Portland cement, PPC 400 Portland Pozzolana cement, CEM II/A-D 32.5N, CEM IV/A- 32.5N are also filled into 50 kg bags.

Our Awards:



Portland cement

The Best Products of Uzbekistan (diploma from the Uzbekistan standardization agency, 2008)

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