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Our plants and factories

Spetsstroybeton ZhBI 17 


General Director:
Murtaz Gochelashvili

  Established in: 1959
  Address:  3-i Silikatny proyezd, d. 10, Moscow, Russia, 123308
  Telephone/Fax: +7 499 191-40-83

+7 499 946-21-20
+7 499 946-34-29

High-strength concrete mixtures are produced by ZhB-17 at its three state-of-the-art computerized ready-mix stations with a total output of up to 2,900 cubic meters per day.

Ready-mix stations feature the equipment from the Finland-based firms PCE Engineering, Cobra and the German firms SCHWING-Stetter, TECA.

The recipes of commodity concretes use admixtures of diverse action spectrum.

In addition to the commodity concrete production, ZhB-17 produces the hollow-core slabs of floors, paving slabs, high-quality border, lawn and wall stones and more than 30 different types of paving slab.

Products are produced by 5 autonomous production lines simultaneously:

  • lawn stone production line (output of up to 1,000 pieces per shift)
  • ROSA COMETA border stone (Italy) production line (output of up to 1,200 pieces per shift)
  • Series K-6, K-7 paving slab production line
  • SUPER MASA, Germany: output 65-70 pallets of products (from 540 to 840 m2) per shift.
  • OMAG paving slab production line, Germany. 

Apart from high strength and enhanced frost resistance, paving and border slabs are characterized by resistance to salts, lubricants and other aggressive agents, adapted to climate and the operating conditions in Russia.

Pillars, flights, beams and cross-bars of varied cross-section and other reinforced concrete products are made based on the customer’s drawings.

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