About us
The Ministry of Regional Development (Minregion Rossii) is a federal executive authority responsible for public policy and normative legal regulation in the field of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, federal and national relations, the division of power between the Russian Federation and constituent territory of the Russian Federation, local government, realisation of cross-border cooperation, the development of the Far North and Arctic, the protection of the ethnic minorities and the native environment and traditional lifestyles of indigenous population and small ethnic communities.
  • strategic planning;
  • harmonization of long-term development strategies, target and federal programs;
  • ethnic relations;
  • regional development target programs;
  • the development of regions and municipalities;
  • housing policies;
  • housing and utilities;
  • architecture, construction and town planning policy;
  • the development of interbudgetary relations;
  • investment projects;
  • finance and accounting;
  • international relations and the development of cross-border cooperation;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of public authorities;
  • coordination of the preparation for the Olympic Games;
  • construction (Capital investments);
  • special programs and regional development projects.

Address: Head office. 10/23 Sadovaya-Samotehnaya St., bldg. 1, 127994, Moscow, Russia

  • 8 Stroiteley street, bldg. 2
  • 15/2 Petrovsky bulvar street
  • 25/5 Tsvetnoy bulvar street
Directory inquiries of the Ministry (multi-channel): +7 (495) 980-25-47, +7 (495) 980-25-48, +7 (495) 980-25-49 

Press service: +7 (495) 980-25-47

E-mail: smi@minregion.ru (only for mass media)

To provide information on the realization of priority national project "Affordable and comfortable housing for Citizens of Russia» - nazproekt@minregion.ru

"Hot Line" for the treatment of citizens in order to inform about violations of the official functions requirements and if there is a conflict of interest between office employees of the Ministry of Regional Development (only for questions relevant to the goals of "Hot line").

Telephone: +7 (495) 694-30-69 
Fax: (twenty-four-hour): +7 (495) 694-10-61