About us

EUROCEMENT Holding AG is a Swiss holding with its registered office in Riesbachstrasse  52, 8008 Zurich. It has also offices in Geneva. The holding has a fully paid up equity of CHF 430'510'000. The holding is the legal owner of the Eurocement group of companies in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan and holds a substantial investment in Holcim Ltd. The holding is functioning as a group headquarter in charge of investment, pestment, financing, consolidation and strategic planning for the group.

Contact details are as follows

Head office in Zurich  
52, Riesbachstrasse
8008 Zurich 
+ 41 44 387 77 00 

Geneva office
12, Cours des Bastions
1205 Geneva
+ 41 44 387 77 00

Thierry Sauvaire is the CEO of EUROCEMENT Holding AG since April 2008

In 1989, he started his career within the tax and legal department of a big four company, where he gained the management of the Geneva tax and legal department in 1995. Thierry was appointed to the partnership in 1997. He was elected by its peers at the board of directors of this company in 2002 until its resignation in March 2008 after more than 18 years of service for this company.

He was born in 1963. Thierry Sauvaire graduated from Geneva law school (1986), is a Swiss attorney-at-law (1988) and a Swiss certified tax advisor (1992). He is also board member of Eurocement Holding AG.


Jessie Agostinelli is CFO of EUROCEMENT Holding AG since April 2008

From 2006, she had been deputy of the CFO and Head of Tax of a multinational company in the shipping industry. Prior to that she was Head of the Lausanne tax department (2004) and of a big four company after having started her career (1996-2000) within the audit department of this company.

She was born in 1974. Jessie Agostinelli is a Swiss certified tax advisor (2002) and a Swiss Certified Chartered Accountant (2000) and graduated from HEC.

Andreas Nianias is board member of EUROCEMENT Holding AG since July 2007

From 1988-1993 he operated for a private bank in the stock exchange department and from 1993-1996 he acted as investment consultant for trading customers for a great bank in the private banking sector. From 1996-July 2007 he started as a senior investment consultant for a Swiss Kantonalbank, where he was in charge of a wide international clientele

He was born in 1965. Andreas serves currently as chairman of the board of directors of Eurocement Holding AG.